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Marloth Park December 2018 Available Accommodation

We are trying out a new availability calender via Google Spreadsheets. The aim of this calender is to have one place where our clients and advertisers can manage their December availability calendars. Our websites do come with their own built in calendars but we do not have the time to contact our clients individually or to visit their individual websites to ascertain whether there is availability or not. At the end of the day there is a lot of time wasted trying to get accommodation for someone, whilst at the same time assisting our clients and advertisers with their marketing efforts.

If Desember 2018 (the period we will be covering starts 1 December 2018 to 10 January 2019) works well and if there is a need for it we will continue the Google Spreedsheet Calendar. We invite each of our clients and advertisers individually. Each clients properties availability will only be editable by that specific person.

Google Spreadsheets works very similar to Excel Spreadsheets with the difference being that it's online and that you can have different collaborators working on the same document, with certain ranges protected or limited to certain colaborators (the specific owner/manager of the accommodation establishment).

A further benefit is that the Google Spreadsheet can be embedded onto a website. See our December Calender here:

If you are one of our web design clients we can create a calendar such as this for you and embed it on your website. It might be easier to manage than our built in calender. Anyone that understands Excel Spreadsheets will understand Google Sheets. (The only real difference is that the one is online and the other is not).

We hope this works well and that we continue with it going forward for those who benefit from it. (It will only work if it is maintained by the respective property owners.)